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eyelash extensions that look and feel natural

Eyelash Extensions is a new way to help enhace your natural lashes by thickening and elongating what you already have. Lash extensions are applied to your own hair with a 1mm distance from your skin making them safe and painless. Extensions usually last from 2 to 3 weeks with proper care, to keep fullness retouching is recommended after 1 or 2 weeks of full set application.

Enjoy that extra time in the mornings now that the extra mascara step is GONE!



Hampton Lashes – Before and After Lash Restoration

lash restoration

We fix and repair what others do wrong, natural lashes the right way.

24 Hours Emergency Service Available


We use Waterproof / Regular / Sensitive Glue.

Service Time Price
Hampton Set Time Varies $155
New York Set Time Varies $150
Bling Set Time Varies $145
Double Set 2 Hours $160
New Set Regular 1 Hr 30 Min $150
Re-touch – 1 Week 45 Min $60
Re-touch – 2 Weeks 1 Hour $80
Re-touch – 3 Weeks 1 Hr 30 Min $120
Allergy Test 30 Min $50