Questions + Answers

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What are Eyelash Extensions?
Eyelash Extensions are a new way that helps enhance your natural lashes by thickening and elongating them.

How long does the process take?
The procedure can take an hour or 2, depending on set or number of lashes applied.

Is this a painful procedure?
No, this is a safe and painless procedure.

What type of glue do you use?
We use waterproof, regular and/or sensitive glue.

How often should I re-touch my extensions?
To keep fullness re-touch is recommended every 1 or 2 weeks of full set application.

Are Eyelash Extensions waterproof?
Yes, Eyelash Extensions are waterproof. You can perform your daily activities worry-free.

How to care for my Eyelash Extensions?
Don't wet lashes for 2 or 4 hours after application.
Avoid water when possible.
DO NOT rub your eyes.
DO NOT use eyelash curler.


before application instructions

–  Remove all eye make up. (eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, eye crams and eye serums.) 
–  Cleanse eye area and eyelashes gently to remove any residual oils or mascara. 
–  DO NOT wear contacts to your appointment. (Wear glasses instead.) 
–  DO NOT curl your lashes on the day of the appointment. 
–  DO NOT apply heavy creams, lotions or oils to your face within 48 hours prior to your eyelash application. 
–  Wait 48 hours after lash removal prior to having a new set of extensions applied. 
–  AVOID chemical treatments in your eyelashes, such as tinting or perming, within 48 hours prior to your appointment. 
–  Ensure you have fully recovered from recent irritating eye-area treatments, such as skin-resurfacing procedures, chemical peels, eyebrow waxing, laser treatments and permanent make up application. Recovery time vaires with each procedure and individual.